Welcome to the Home of the Elite Clan!
~~~~~~~~~~ Elite was formed on 18th February 2008 and has 22 European-only members ~~~~~~~~~~

DO NOT USE this page to apply for membership! It's currently bugged (S2 will look into it). Instead, visit our forum at elite-community.darkbb.com to register and apply there. Thank you!
Clan News
Dismissing Members
NMI, PandaKnight, Alronin and BanaN left the clan and we wish them good luck in real life!
04/13/08 | 09:04
Clan Appliaction CLOSED!
We have closed clan applications, due to lot of members. We now only aceept high ranked players and invite only.
We have to ensure some competition and no corruption in this game, thanks xD
03/31/08 | 15:26
Forum Update
we have updated our forum abit and moved it to http://elite-community.darkbb.com/
03/08/08 | 10:54
New Banner
So we got a nice fancy banner, thanks to Terramaximum.
03/02/08 | 09:14
our clan tag is
[ELIT] although it's not visible yet. We have to wait for the next patch. Yay...
02/20/08 | 18:42
Top 5
Rank Player SF Experience